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estar metido en la mierda

And it’s other versions: ‘estar de mierda hasta el cuello‘, or, ‘estar en la mierda‘ means to be in deep shit. Just picture someone’s soul swimming in shit. In the circles I move, that means to have too much urgent work to do. I imagine that in darker places might need to be in trouble. … Continue reading estar metido en la mierda

No caberle a alguien en la cabeza

Language Level: advancedSwearing Degree: none, you can say it in front of your bossStructure: no + me/te/le/nos/os/les + caber (conjugated) + en la cabeza que + subjuntive caber means to fit, in the sense of to fit inside of something else. The verb is so irregular that sometimes natives have problems with the conjugation. A … Continue reading No caberle a alguien en la cabeza

Nombres de paĆ­ses

Whoever named the following countries in Spanish should be held responsable: Lituania and LetoniaEslovenia and EslovaquiaUruguay and ParaguaySuecia and SuizaAustralia and Austria Am I missing any pair?

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